LEON 6-pk

LEON 6-pk


Package Size: 6 x 375ml cans (equal to 3 x 750ml bottles of wine)

ABV: 8.5%

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Coincidentally, Leon the grape and Leon the muppet share many qualities. Both wiley and conniving, they do what they gotta do to get by - Leon the grape, by out-witting cold weather and blights, and Leon the muppet, through quick cons, schemes and high jinx. We here at CO Cellars stan for mischief makers and underdogs (we are the Fun Zone, after all) and we’ve fallen hard for LEON! our first canned, crushable sparkling wine. 

GRAPES: Leon Millot - the rough and tumble grape-spiration and foundation for LEON! harvested from the magical, historic Snow Farm Vineyard in the Champlain Islands. 

CRANBERRIES: The bracingly tart fresh-pressed cranberry juice we sourced from the man, the myth, the legend, THE ‘Cranberry Bob’ of Vermont Cranberry Company. (Yes, there are Vermont cranberry bogs hidden deep in the Fletcher hills.) 

APPLES: Collected by farmer/forager Ryan Yoder in the wilds of South Central, VT. The blend that brought you Yoder; king of Vermont-foraged ciders. 

The process:

This wine is a co-fermentation of grapes, apples, and cranberries using native yeasts. We added a small 20ppm addition of sulfur at racking to stabilize, otherwise there is nothing else added to this bad boy! We cold crashed the wine in our bright tank and lightly carbonated it to two volumes CO2.